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OpenRoads Tip: Missing Graphic Manipulators

Written by Bob Mecham I am writing this tip because this doesn’t happen often so when it does I really have to rack my brain to remember why. Hopefully writing this tip will help me remember it more quickly next time and save you the same headache. When working with Civil Geometry in OpenRoads you are […]

OpenRoads Tip: Civil AccuDraw Floating Origin

Written by: Bob Mecham Sometimes, we need to establish the end of a line at a location measured form something else rather than the first point. 1. Start the Horizontal Geometry Line Between Points command. After setting the first point, reposition the cursor by clicking the Set Origin shortcut. 2. Then click or snap somewhere […]

OpenRoads Tip: Name Assignment and Annotation of Geometry Points

Written by: Bob Mecham By default, as you place a point the Name will match the Feature Definition name. This can be seen in the Tools Setting dialog. Prior to placing the point you can change the Name to a number (300) and when the point is placed the number is assigned. Once the geometry point has […]

OpenRoads Tip: Working with Geometry and Snap Constraints

Written by: Bob Mecham In this OpenRoads Geometry tutorial we will show you how Snap Constrains are created and how make sure that they are not used.  We will also show you how to remove a snap constraint after it has been applied.  Contact us for OpenRoads Training, Consulting, and Setup.

OpenRoads Tip: Playing By the (Civil) Rules

Written by:  Darren Waschow Bentley’s OpenRoads Technology has brought with it brand new ways of creating and editing geometry. Built into the geometry elements themselves is the concept of “Design Intent” which employs “Civil Rules” that allows elements to remember the methods used to create them. So, for example, if you create a new linear […]

OpenRoads Tip: Three Ways to Change the Starting Station

Written by Bob Mecham By default the starting station for OpenRoads Geometry is always 0+00.  There are three ways to modify this value. Number 1: Go to Tasks > Civil Tools > Horizontal Geometry > Start Station Identify the element.  Then type the distance from the start, usually zero, then accept.  Type the new starting […]

InRoads Tip: Vertical Annotation Curve Leader Terminator

Written by: Bob Mecham For a long time it was not possible to edit the leader arrow when using the View Vertical Annotation dialog.  The arrow had been hard coded into the program.  Not exactly sure when but now there are additional settings to define a custom arrow. From the InRoads pull down menu Geometry > […]

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