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OpenRoads Tip: Terrain Model – How to Extract Break Lines

Written By: Robert Garrett I recently fielded a question where the designer needed to extract the break lines which existed in the OpenRoads Terrain model.  The designer could see them by toggling the display settings in properties but could not determine how to extract the break lines into separate and distinct graphical elements. The following […]

OpenRoads Tip: Corridor Modeling Manipulators

Written By: Bob Mecham There are two lines generated during modeling in OpenRoads. Dependent on which one you select, different context mini tool bars are presented. Corridor  Presents itself graphically as a solid line at the daylight or corridor catch points with handles originating from the side of the corridor shape. The tools in this […]

OpenRoads Tip: Missing Graphic Manipulators

Written by Bob Mecham I am writing this tip because this doesn’t happen often so when it does I really have to rack my brain to remember why. Hopefully writing this tip will help me remember it more quickly next time and save you the same headache. When working with Civil Geometry in OpenRoads you are […]

SUDA Tip: How to Configure a Single Structure Which Contains Two Independent Grates

Written by Robert Garrett In a roadway with a center barrier, we often use storm drain inlets like this one. This type of structure presents a unique challenge for producing a 3D model representing the total structure while also allowing surface flow calculations independently for each grate.  Additionally, the elevations of the two grates could be […]

OpenRoads Tip: Civil AccuDraw Floating Origin

Written by: Bob Mecham Sometimes, we need to establish the end of a line at a location measured form something else rather than the first point. 1. Start the Horizontal Geometry Line Between Points command. After setting the first point, reposition the cursor by clicking the Set Origin shortcut. 2. Then click or snap somewhere […]

SUDA Tip – Best Practice for Headwall 3D cells

Written by: Robert Garrett When configuring the 3D cells of head walls for use in SUDA, there are some required construction points to be created in the cell. Alignment Point – a point of construction class and line style of 3 is used to align the 3D cell with the 2D cell used for plan view presentation. […]

OpenRoads Tip: Editing and Updating Terrains Created By Graphical Filters

Written by: Bob Mecham In last months tip we discussed Importing Terrain from Graphics. However when using the Edit Terrain Model toolbar it reports “Not an Editable Terrain”. What if we wanted to edit the graphics in the design file to update the Terrain Model instead of using the Edit Terrain Model toolbar.  The following […]

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