3D Photo Match

In this tutorial we will demonstrate one workflow to create a photo simulation using MicroStation.
Below are some items to consider before you take your first photo. Ranked in order from “most important” to “still important.”

  1. Know the location where the photo was taken within a 5′ diameter, including elevation, and eye height from the ground.
  2. Make sure there are items in the photo that correspond to field collected data for horizontal control.
    * power poles, building corners, pavement edges, trees, light poles
  3. Make sure there are items in the photo that correspond to field collected data for vertical control.
    * building heights, heights of poles, elevation of structures
  4. Take the photo with at least a 5MB pixel camera if you want the final image to be 22″x34″.
  5. Full sun is ideal but make sure the time of day will not cast shadows that will cause problems when you try to render the new building.
  6. NO SNOW on the ground. It is almost impossible to photo match snow patches into a rendering and still have it look good.
  7. It is pleasing to the eye to have some items in the foreground. For example a tree, sidewalk, terrace, etc.


microstation google earth kml collada export rendering                                                             Shout_from_computer_250_B
Rendering Material Assignments in Google Earth             What’s New in V8i SELECTseries3 Update 2


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