7 Reasons Why In-Person Training is Making a Comeback

Over the past several years, online trainings have become more and more prevalent. While both online and in-person training methods offer unique advantages, those seeking the most comprehensive and effective learning experience seek out in-person training’s distinct benefits. Here are seven reasons why in-person training can be a more beneficial option over its online counterpart:

  1. Enhanced Engagement and Interaction
    The physical presence of an instructor (like our experts at EnvisionCAD) and peers facilitates dynamic discussions, immediate feedback, and spontaneous questions, creating a rich and immersive learning environment. This interaction is crucial for understanding complex software, where real-time troubleshooting and clarification can significantly enhance comprehension and retention.
  2. Immediate Access to Resources and Support
    Attending in-person training provides direct access to instructors and technical support. Learners benefit from on-demand assistance, whether it involves resolving technical issues with the software itself or gaining deeper insights into specific functionalities. This immediate support bridges gaps in understanding that might otherwise be missed in an online setting.
  3. Opportunities to Connect
    A major benefit to attending in-person training is the chance to network and connect with peers. Sharing experiences, discussing challenges, and interacting can provide valuable insights into different applications of the software and foster a community of practice that extends beyond the training session.
  4. Structured Learning Environment
    The set schedule and dedicated space for learning helps to minimize distractions and enhance focus. When working through intricate software systems, concentration and organization make a huge difference.
  5. Supported Experience
    In-person training usually includes practical exercises with direct supervision. This ensures that learners can immediately apply what they’ve learned, receive real-time feedback, and correct mistakes. Practice is critical in software training, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.
  6. Motivation and Accountability
    The physical presence of an instructor and peers creates an atmosphere of accountability. This helps to motivate learners to stay engaged and participate in discussions. The shared, active learning experience can inspire participants to achieve their goals in a deeper understanding of the software.
  7. Real-World Context
    Active participation in an in-person, group setting allows for the sharing of ideas and applications that would otherwise not be available. Discussion allows learners to understand diverse use cases and to think critically about how the software can be used to solve specific problems in their own work.

While online training offers flexibility and convenience, in-person software training presents compelling advantages that can significantly enhance the learning experience. From increased engagement and immediate support to structure and accountability, the benefits of in-person training are clear for those serious about mastering new software. EnvisionCAD’s immersive, interactive trainings are an invaluable investment in professional development.

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Students learning together with laptop computers and workbooks

Casey Umhoefer

After spending years in marketing for companies spanning multiple unique industries, Casey enjoyed five years of teaching prior to the pandemic. Casey then embraced the opportunity to support the Department of Health Services as a Business Analyst where she provided testing solutions and other important data and technology systems improvements to communities throughout Wisconsin

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