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In the newer releases of MicroStation an option was added to the Construct Array tool. The older options included Rectangular and Polar now there is a new option Along Path. This method can be accomplished by Distance, Number, or Both.

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  1. Number – defines the number of items placed along a path.
  2. Distance – defines the distance between items placed along a path.
  3. Both – defines both the number and distance of elements placed along the path.
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3 comments on “Array Along Path

  1. Bob Mecham Reply

    1. Select the Construct Array tool.

    2. In the tool settings window, set Array Type to Along Path.

    3. Adjust other settings as required.

    4. Select the element to copy, at the point to use as the array reference.

    5. Select the path element at the start point for the array.

    6. Accept at the required end point along the path element.

    7. The array is constructed along the path, between the defined points.

  2. Cody Fox Reply

    Helpful. Seems like their array tool is much more complicated than the AutoCAD tool although I do know AutoCAD has changed their array tool many times throughout the different versions.

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