AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 Tip: Use Civil 3D Note Label Styles in Place of Multileaders

We’ve annotated our plan drawing in Model Space. We’ve used our vast collection of preset multileader styles to save time. Everything looks perfect. Then the dreaded change order makes its way to our desk. We will have to rotate some of our viewports +/- 15 degrees to see the new changes. Rotating our viewports means our Model Space multileaders will no longer be aligned with the layout. There will be at least 50 multileaders to fix. Wow, this keeps on getting better and better.

 Multileader before twist
Multileader after twist


We can see multileaders do not rotate automatically or become plan readable in the viewport.

How about using a Civil 3D Note Label Style? Civil 3D Note Label Styles have a feature that makes them a good solution for this type of situation. The text and leader can automatically become plan readable when there are viewport changes.

Note (left) & Multileader before twist
Note (left) & Multileader after twist


As we can see, The Note and the Multileader started out plan readable. After we rotated the objects in the viewport, the Note Label Style reoriented itself to stay plan readable, the Multileader did not. Creating a bunch of Note Label Styles with commonly used text, can be an enormous timesaver when issues like this appear.

Bryan Sullivan

Bryan Sullivan

Bryan is a CAD Specialist at EnvisionCAD and provides expertise in AutoCAD and Civil3D production, support and development services.

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