AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Adding Sample Lines in the Middle of the Existing Sample Line Group

Written by Ben Johnson

Have you ever created a group of corridor section views, done a bunch of labeling edits to your automated code set labels; and then find out you need to add a few sections right in the middle of the sample line group? Now you have to spend a bunch of time recreating a new sample line group, re-cutting the section views and making annotation edits all over again, right? Nope.

You can actually add sample lines to an existing group right in the middle of the same sample line group using the regular AutoCAD copy command. Copy the sample line which is closest to the location where you would like the new one to be located. You will notice that regardless of what you pick for basepoint displacement, the copied sample line will be placed right on top of the one you are copying. Simply pick the new sample line after it has been copied and grip move it to the intended location on the alignment. Hint: use selection cycling to select the proper one to move.

Once that is done, click on one of the section view titles and click on Update Group Layout in the contextual ribbon. The sections will respace themselves along with the new section(s) added in the proper sequence. All of your labeling edits will be preserved. This simple workaround can save a lot of time when creating section views.


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2 comments on “AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Adding Sample Lines in the Middle of the Existing Sample Line Group

  1. Uriel Castillo Reply

    However, I believe this also creates copies of your alignments, surfaces, profiles, etc… Not desirable…

    • Jessica Reply

      I agree. It just copies the whole corridor when I tried to follow those instructions…

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