AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: Bug When Editing Pipe Networks in SSA 2016

Written By: Ben Johnson

A client recently brought to my attention the fact that Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2016 crashes when she tries to edit pipe networks in the program. I confirmed this on my own, and was not sure why this was happening. It does not happen in version 2014, which is the other version this particular client works in.

To be clear, this error occurs when using the Edit in Storm and Sanitary Analysis button found on the Analyze ribbon.

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip pipe networks in ssa2016

I had a hard time tracking down the reason for the crash, and searching online yielded nothing for me. I ended up having to contact Autodesk directly, and ask them to investigate the issue. It turns out this is a known issue which has been occurring since version 2015. Autodesk actually has a knowledge base article on it. For whatever reason I didn’t have any luck finding that article on my own so I thought I would write a tip about this pointing people to the article in case others have a hard time tracking down the workaround.

The issue occurs when a catchment area is attached to an inlet structure, and the TC method is set to TR-55 for the catchment. The workaround is to export the pipe network and catchments to an STM file using the Export to Storm Sewers button found on the Output ribbon, and then bring that into SSA.

AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip pipe networks in ssa 2016 export to storm sewers

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