AutoCAD Civil 3D Tip: User-Defined Properties for Parcels

Written by:  Bryan Sullivan

Create a User-Defined Property Classification

Classifications are used to organize sets of User-Defined Properties. In this example, we will create a classification called “Easement Data” to hold information about easements in a Parcel. 

  1. Click on the “Settings” tab of the Toolspace.
  1. Expand Parcel and then expand User-Defined Property Classifications.
  1. Right-click User-Defined Property Classifications and select “New…”

User Defined Property Classification

       4. Enter a Classification name and click “OK”.

User-Defined Property Classification

A User-Defined Property Classification is created and will appear under User-Defined Property Classifications in the Toolspace.

Creating a User-Defined Property Classification

Create a User-Defined Property

User-Defined Properties contain custom information fields to hold information about a parcel. In this example, we will add User-Defined Property to the previously created classification “Easement Data”.

  1. Select a User-Defined Property Classification in the Toolspace
  2. To create a User-Defined Property, right-click on a classification and select “New….”.

User-Defined Property Classification Toolspace

      3.  Enter Name(required), Description(optional), Property field type(required), Lower bound and Upper bound(if applicable), and Default value(optional).

      4.  Click “OK” to create the User-Defined Property.

Create User-Defined Property

         5. Select a User-Defined Property Classification in the Toolspace. User-Defined Properties will appear in the Property List View Window below.

Toolspace and User-Defined Properties

View, Enter, or Edit User-Defined Property Values

  1. Right-click a Parcel and select “Parcel Properties….”

User-Defined Property Values

       2. Click the “User Defined Properties” tab. User-Defined Classifications and Properties are listed and values can be entered or edited.

User-Defined Property Values


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