AutoCAD WS Now Supports Civil 3D Drawings

Written by Eric Gates.

AutoCAD WS Now Supports Civil 3D Drawings

Autodesk announces, “AutoCAD Civil 3D drawings are supported on all of AutoCAD WS platforms (web, mobile and mac).”

For those of you that are not familiar with AutoCAD WS, it is the web and mobile application that allows you to be able to synchronize changes to drawings and make changes between your office computer and your mobile devices.  These changes are automatically saved to the cloud as you work to reduce the need to backup these drawings. Share and manage who has access to the drawings, in addition you can track versions of the drawings with the use of the Timeline tool.

“Using the Design Feed you can attach a post to a specific point or area in your drawing to draw attention to a feature of your design and encourage discussion.”

Users of AutoCAD WS can also insert photos into their drawings with the ability to scale and move it, as well as attach an image to a Design Feed posts to help illustrate your design concepts.

Knowing Autodesk, this app will continue to expand and evolve with the increasing development of CIM (Civil Infrastructure Models) and cloud innovations.

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Eric Gates

Eric Gates

Eric joined the EnvisionCAD team in March 2012. He provides Civil3D and Autodesk Infrastructure software consulting, management and production assistance. He has specialized in the Autodesk Infrastructure software Civil 3D and provides expertise in the configuration, development, implementation, management, and custom workflow integrations for the software. Eric’s education concentration has been in design technologies. As a Civil CAD Manager, he led the designing and implementing of all of the CADD software procedures and standards, including preparing teaching materials and training all in-house engineering staff Autodesk software up through AutoCAD 2012 and Civil 3D. As a Civil Designer, he has an excellent grasp of three dimensions and strives to understand each project as a whole and as a sum of parts. Eric has nearly two decades of experience in the development and management of data for civil engineering design and construction projects ranging from roadway development, urban infrastructure, to oil and mining sites and facilities.


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