Bentley Enlivens Reality Modeling through Acquisition of e-on Software

Published on September 29, 2015

Bentley recently announced that it acquired e-on software, a leader in the creation, simulation, and integration of natural 3D environments.  e-on software is widely acclaimed in the digital content creation (DCC) market, where its VUE and PlantFactory products are a mainstay among computer graphics (CG) professionals in the media and entertainment, science, and education industries.

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said,  With the ‘cinematic’ quality of LumenRTenvironments, every architect and engineer can envision and present his or her proposed design alternatives as they would be experienced in actual operation in nature.”

  • VUE provides all the tools required to efficiently model and animate synthesized natural 3D environments.

  • LumenRT provides an interactive 3D medium to create and explore GeoDesign projects. The resulting experience helps you harmonize the design world and the natural world around us.

  • PlantFactory products are dedicated to the accurate modeling of dynamic, wind-animated plants. They produce versatile results that are used both in the DCC and architectural and engineering markets.

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