EnvisionCAD XIN Manager v1.65 Released

Published on March 15, 2011

Based on client feedback we have made a series of improvements to the interface and functionality of the EnvisionCAD XIN Manager.

What’s new in EnvisionCAD XIN Manager v1.65:

  • Reformatted layout of XIN Feature Styles worksheet for ease of readability and to decrease check-out time.
  • XIN Feature Styles worksheet will now force update of Symbology Names when Independent Named Symbologies toggle is off to mimic InRoads behavior.
  • XIN Named Symbologies worksheet will now change status from Undefined when a level is selected to mimic InRoads behavior.

Download the new EnvisionCAD XIN Manager

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One Response to “EnvisionCAD XIN Manager v1.65 Released”

  1. Abe Arollo Says:

    August 7th, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Is EnvisionCAD XIN Manager still available for purchase??

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