Have Civil Software Skills?

Published on January 11, 2017

Our OpenRoads team has a leadership position available.  Interested?
If yes, answer these questions:
Do you have 3-5 years, or more, of solid experience using Bentley software?
Wish to retain/leverage your knowledge in InRoads or GEOPAK?
Interested in becoming a guru on Bentley’s next generation technology OpenRoads?
Like to learn? Willing to share your knowledge?
Interested in joining a growing team with a proven 15+ year track record?
Want to maximize your potential? Expand your horizons?
Like diverse opportunities? Looking for challenging and rewarding work?

Now think about joining our expanding team of CAD gurus. You will help engineering firms, public agencies, and bespoke software development in UK efficiently use their CAD resources. You will work with a team of like-minded individuals that are more than willing to share their knowledge. We work as CAD Managers, development specialists and educators.

If interested, send a cover letter and resume to hr@envisioncad.com

Come learn and grow with us!

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