Print Driver or Pen Table

Published on April 25, 2012

The Print Driver and Pen Table configurations contain identical settings for remapping of colors and weights. This raises the inevitable question of what configuration file to define these remappings in. The best answer will depend on your printing standards and environment.

The primary goals in configuring your printing environment should be to:

  • Maintain as few configuration files as possible
  • Allow for maximum flexibility
  • Produce prints that adhere to your standards.

Since you will most likely need to configure both Print Driver and Pen Table files the key is to limit the number of one type of configuration file, and make multiple variations of the other. The way to achieve this is to limit the number of Print Driver files, preferably one per printer. Then multiple Pen Table files can be created that to be mixed and matched with different print drivers. Using this method requires that any color and weight remappings be done in the pen table.

For those organizations that have very strict print standards additional print driver files may be required. Adjustments to color and weight remappings may be necessary to ensure consistent color and thickness rendering across varying printing hardware.


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