The EnvisionCAD Theory: Harlem Shake

Published on April 26, 2013
Written by Bethany Borsody


By now most everyone has heard about and seen the Harlem Shake videos that became wildly popular. But just like most fads, they got old quickly. From that perspective Bob had an idea for our very own Harlem Shake video. The Harlem Shake video featuring Bob and accompanied by Eric and myself can be seen here:

Below are ‘behind the scenes’ photos. You’ll see that no Camcorders were involved in the producing of this video. Instead Bob’s phone was strategically rubber-banded to a tripod in order to capture footage. But is just one angle of this video enough? Of course not. Therefore Eric set up his phone on top of a ladder to catch a completely different view of the action. Did too much thought go into producing this video? Perhaps. Was it worth it? We think yes.

 EnvisionCAD's Harlem Shake









EnvisionCAD's Harlem Shake












EnvisionCAD's Harlem Shake










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