The EnvisionCAD Theory: OpenRoads

Published on April 9, 2013
Written by Bethany Borsody.

EnvisionCAD’s excitement over the release of OpenRoads.

EnvisionCAD OpenRoads

Bentleys’ OpenRoads technology has been released. It is now available as a download for Select subscribers.  However, don’t look for a product named OpenRoads. Why? Because it does not exist. OpenRoads is a technology, not a product.  The technology is being incorporated as a common command set in the SELECTseries 3 releases of InRoads, GEOPAK and MX Roads.

OpenRoads technology will change the way you work,  it’s not simply a version upgrade but it does maintain your investment in past technology. Read the complete article about OpenRoads here.

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