Advanced – MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)


v8i_SS_advanced_envisioncad-smallerThe content presented in this manual is an extension of our MicroStation Fundamentals manual. The tools covered here are powerful additions to any user’s arsenal. These are misunderstood, underutilized, or obscure tools that when set up correctly can have an immediate, positive impact on your workflow as well as automating and standardizing project files.

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Table of Contents

1.Active Points
-Place Active Point
-Construct Points Between Data Points
-Project Active Point Onto Element
-Construct Active Point at Intersection
-Construct Points Along Element
-Construct Active Point at Distance Along Element2.Saved Views
-Accessing the Saved View Dialog Box
-Creating Saved Views
-Editing Saved View Properties
-Deleting Saved Views
-Updating Saved Views
-Importing Saved Views
-Recalling Views3.Cell Selector Utility
-Creating a Cell Selector file
-Resetting the Cell Selector Defaults
-Loading Additional Cell Libraries
-Place Cells Using Cell Selector
-Configure Cell Selector Button
-Saving a Cell Selector file4.Batch Process
-Batch Process dialog
-Command File
-Select Files to Process
-Create/Select the Command File
-Process Files5.Record MVBA
-General Rules/Tips for MVBA
-VBA Project Manager dialog
-Creating a New MVBA
-Record a MVBA
-Edit the MVBA
-Run a MVBA
-Autoload a MVBA
-Run a MVBA from a Key-in

6.Project Explorer
-Project Explorer Dialog
-Create Link
-Manage Link Sets
-Link Sets Dialog

7.Element Templates
-Element Templates Dialog
-Create Template Groups
-Create Individual Element Templates
-Configure Menus
-Using Element Templates

-AccuDraw Basics
-AccuDraw Window
-AccuDraw Compass
-“On-the-Fly” Axis Indexing
-Nudging the Compass Axis
-Index Bar
-AccuDraw and AccuSnap
-Pop-up Calculator
-AccuDraw Settings

9.Working with Office Documents
-Object Linking and Embedding OLE
-Paste Special Options
-Tool Settings Window
-OLE Viewing
-OLE Updating

10.CAD File Conversions
-MicroStation V7
-Automatic Conversion
-Batch Converter
-Conversion Issues
-Saving V8 DGN Files as V7 DGN Files

11.Design File Cleanup
-Data Cleanup
-Dimension Audit
-Standards Checker

12.Raster Manager
-Raster Manager Dialog
-Raster Manager Tool Box
-Display Planes
-Raster Manager Preferences

13.Geographic Tools
-Geographic Coordinate System
-Global Positioning System (GPS)
-Export Google Earth (KML) File
-Capture Google Earth Image
-Define Placemark Monument
-Synchronize Google Earth View
-Follow Google Earth View
-Google Earth Settings
-Play Camera Animation In Google Earth
-Longitude, Latitude Coordinate Readout
-Longitude, Latitude Coordinate Input
-ArcView Shapefile Import
-Reference Attachments
-“On-the-fly” Reprojection
-Permanent Reprojection
-Raster Manager
-Create New WMS Server Attachment
-Reconnect Previous WMS Attachment

14.Print Organizer
-Print Organizer Dialog
-Print Sets
-Transitioning from Batch Print
-Configure Batch Print Specification
-Print Organizer Configuration
-Print Styles
-Define Print Styles
-Apply Print Styles
-Modifying Print Properties
-Advanced Options
-Named Expressions
-Print Organizer Key-insAppendix
-MicroStation Keyin Reference
-AccuDraw Shortcut Keys V8i (SELECTseries)
-MicroStation – AutoCAD Terminology

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