CAD Manager Tip: Bentley Licensing

Written by:  Dave Wahl, CAD Systems Specialist at Bergmann Associates

In SELECTserver there is a functionality called Custom Activation Groups.  This allows you to create a new Activation Key for your site and limit the products associated to it; and you will not have to worry about staff trying software out or using something you do not own and get the QTL for it later.

1. In SELECTserver select Custom Activation Groups in the Site Configuration pulldown menu.

Bentley SELECTserver


2. Click the button to ADD NEW GROUP

Bentley SELECTserver

3. In the new group, SELECTserver will automatically fill out the Group ID and Activation Key based on your license.  Fill out a Group Name and Description.

4. Go through the list of Bentley products associated to your account.  With the Open Access SELECT licensing users have access to EVERYTHING which was a problem.  Check the products that you own or want to make available to staff, then save it.

Note: the Activation Key in this dialog box because this will become the Activation key you want all your users to use.

Bentley Modify Custom Activation Group

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    I have no better alternative medium to appreciate your website for the weekly tips nd trick on CAD. It have really enriched my capacity to be a good drafter.

    Can I also get updates on AVEVA (PDMS) as I try to perfect myself in this software.

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