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These days, who hasn’t binged on a TV series via on-demand streaming video and then felt like a sloth upon realizing how much time you spent sucked in episode after episode?   Have you ever DVR’d missed episodes for later watching?   Have you sat on the couch, or even in bed, still in your sweatpants (or lack thereof…) and surfed through the lists of available streaming big-screen blockbusters, while simultaneously ordering delivery on your computer, tablet, or phone?

Your CAD needs can be "On-demand" like your favorite streaming video!

Your CAD needs can be “On-demand” like your favorite streaming video!

Needless to say, we live in an “On-Demand” era.  We can get what we want or need, when we want or need it!  Why shouldn’t our CAD departments have the same luxury?  Managed service solutions are making that possible.

Much like a streaming video interface is tailored to your interests and preferences as a user (or should we say binge viewer?), CAD managed services can be tailored to the interests, needs, and preferences of your CAD department, at any given time.  When planning a radical change in software platforms or system upgrades, you may need to “binge” on CAD managed services.  The full-time support of CAD experts that have regularly brought clients through these drastic shifts and the unforeseen disruptions that followed, may be the “On-demand” option you choose at that time.

On the other hand, maybe your CAD tools are familiar, like a regularly watched television series.  We all know that even in these instances, there are moments that we have other obligations that disrupt our routines.  However, there are tools (the DVR) that allow us to get back on track as optimal enthusiasts of that particular series without hindering the communications amongst colleagues and friends related to that pastime.  CAD managed services can be your CAD department’s DVR.  They can focus in on optimizing processes and streamlining how you use familiar software so that you never skip a beat and productivity can ensue.  This support can be on-going (FT or PT) for regular assessment of your needed “DVR programming” or temporary (as needed) to get you back on track.

So, how can CAD managed services allow for perusing and execution in your preferred clothing/setting and the multi-tasking that “On-demand” TV capabilities do? CAD managed services are a plug-and-play option that can keep current CAD users and managers billable, while they implement system refinement.  They also offer services off-site, at your location and via distance implementation and training models, which allow customization to your settings in the place where you are most at ease.

To explore the CAD managed services “On-demand” solutions that may work for you, contact us or give us a call at 608.836.3903.  Our CAD experts are ready to hear what service model would work best for you, to make a radical transition, optimize efficiency, and increase ROI.


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