Civil 3D Tip: Polyline Contour Labels

Sometimes you might receive contours from others that turn out to be polylines. If you do not need them for a surface but want to label the elevation, you can create a Civil 3D Line Label Style to label it.

Create new General Label Styles Line:

Select New Line in Active Drawing Settings View menu within Civil 3D

Give the new label style a name:

Naming line label style within Label Style Composer in Civil 3D

Use the General tab to set your Text Style, Layer, Readability, and other options.

The Layout tab is where we will set the information for the Elevation label.

First, you will need to remove extra components. Note: the Table Tag cannot be removed, but in this example we have removed the Direction Arrow and Bearing.

Removing extra components within Label Style Composer in Civil 3D

Next, we will rename the Distance component to Elevation:

Renaming Distance component within Label Style Composer in Civil 3D

Then, we will edit the Contents with the following settings:

Editing components within the Text Component Editor in Civil 3D

Be sure to set the Text Attachment to Middle Center and the X and Y Offsets to 0. Set the Background Mask to True. Here are the final settings for the label:

Final settings for the label within Label Style Composer in Civil 3D

On the Annotate Tab of the Ribbon use Add Labels:

Add Labels menu within Annotate Tab in Civil 3D

Choose the polylines that you want to label, and the label will be placed at the chosen point.

Labeled polyline within Civil 3D

With the polyline labeled, you can see that the label is a General Segment Label which can be slid anywhere on the polyline. You can create a Curve Label with the same steps if your polyline has curves.

Geoff Ashworth

Geoff has been working in the civil/survey industry since 2000 as a survey crew chief and civil designer. He has worked on a variety of projects from survey field to finish surveys, DOT plans, lead grading on landfills and site plans. Geoff has experience working in both MicroStation and Civil 3D and has led the transition to Civil 3D from previous design softwares at several engineering firms.

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