Bring IT and CAD together, like an engineer would.

CAD Training

Does your IT department treat your CAD applications like other standard applications?

Do they have the knowledge and time to address the specialized implementation and configuration that is always required?

The truth is that the IT departments in many organizations know very little about CAD, and CAD departments know very little about IT. This situation creates voids in:

  • System Management
  • Installation
  • Interoperability between applications
  • Configuration
  • Workflow development
  • Overall system reliability

Consider utilizing EnvisionCAD to bridge the gap between your CAD and IT departments. Our knowledge in surveying & engineering, combined with our experience in both traditional IT and CAD system administration gives us a unique perspective. We speak both CAD and IT.

How EnvisionCAD can bridge the gap between CAD and IT:

  • Audit
    • Analyze your current hardware and software configurations.
    • Analyze your current workflows and procedures.
    • Analyze the experience level of your users.
  • Recommend
    • Software versions and configurations that are compatible with each other and with your hardware.
    • Hardware upgrades to get the most out of your software
    • Supplemental training
  • Develop
    • Install procedures, or automated install scripts, for your CAD software and related configuration files.
    • CAD standards and associated resource files
    • Workflows based on your requirements and standards
    • Custom applications to streamline repetitive or complex tasks, and reduce errors
    • Custom training based on your standards and workflows
  • Manage
    • Cooperative and/or outsourced system management
    • Software licensing approaches
    • Resource development, implementation and maintenance
    • Standards implementation and adherence
    • CAD environment customization
    • Version and platform migration approaches & workflows
    • Innovative ideas based on diverse experience
    • Proactive ideas for improvement
    • Combined expertise from multiple individuals
    • Independent and unbiased viewpoint
    • On-demand expertise when you need it
    • Time and money saving strategies
  • Help
    • Project assistance
    • User support

Our experienced team can then put it all together to make your team more efficient and productive.

Contact us to discuss how our CAD IT capabilities can help you out.

“The workspace created by EnvisionCAD is vital piece of our never ending task of creating and maintaining standardization across our MicroStation users. Easy user setup and excellent documentation has become an integral part of our operation.”

– Daniel N. Day, P.E. – D’Onofrio, Kottke & Associates, Inc.

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