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Digital Delivery

City skyline with binary text flowing through it.

2D printed plans have been the long-time standard contract deliverable for road and bridge projects. While this has been acceptable in the past, productivity and efficiency gains can be achieved by using Digital Delivery technology. BIM, 3D models, automated machine guidance technology, scheduling applications, and project management software are now available to provide enhanced data, visualization, construction, and planning tools for infrastructure.

Digital delivery has a variety of benefits for both engineering firms and transportation agencies:

  • Fewer revisions and change orders
  • Improved ability to visualize designs 
  • Additional planning efficiencies can be realized
  • Streamlined coordination between stakeholders
  • Ability to utilize advanced construction techniques 

Many states, agencies, and private contractors across the nation and internationally are beginning to use 3D model-based delivery, leaving 2D plan creation behind and moving to a complete digital delivery package.

Digital Delivery supports collaboration and provides the information you need when you and your stakeholders need it. EnvisionCAD can help.

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