Efficiency through streamlining.


Workflows are a major concern for most engineering firms. As fast as the software evolves, are we using the right workflows for the new software or are we using dated workflows based on old technology. Streamline your CAD workflows will improve quality and efficiency. 

Current state: Map out your current workflows and analyze how you create your deliverable for internal and external clients. 

Future state: EnvisionCAD can help by reviewing current workflows and mapping out future workflows. Future workflows will be impacted by the new technology in software. The return will be smooth adoption of the new software, improved efficiency, and reduced errors. 

Training the End Users: Training the end users goes hand in hand with workflow standardization and will have a higher adoption rate of the new workflows. We offer a number of options for delivering the workflows. From written, video presentation, web pages, or help files. 

We have seen how workflow standardization improves organizational efficiency, reduces error rates, and increases profit. By standardizing workflows and creating targeted training your organization can achieve efficiency.

You can maximize your CAD users’ efficiency by having us streamline your workflow with custom applications, macros, and training materials that are designed just for you.

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Workflow Consulting Example
The workspace created by EnvisionCAD is a vital piece of our never-ending task of creating and maintaining standards. Easy user setup and excellent documentation has become an integral part of our operation.
Daniel Day, P.E., D’Onofrio, Kottke & Associates