Installation of EnvisionCAD Training Course Files

The lab files for EnvisionCAD courses can be downloaded from the Courseware page. The lab files for each course are delivered in a self-extracting WinZip .exe file.

Follow these steps to install the lab files:

  1. Run the self-extracting zip file. In the WinZip Self-Extractor dialog select Unzip. Leave the other settings at their default values.
    envisioncad training files zip
  2. The files will be extracted to the C:\EnvisionCAD\Downloads\Training Installer folder. Open that folder location in an Explorer window and run the EnvisionCAD Training Setup.msi file to start the installation wizard.
  3. In the EnvisionCAD Training Setup splash dialog click Next>
    envisioncad training files setup
  4. In the Welcome dialog click Next>
    envisioncad training files wizard
  5. Review the License Agreement. Click I Agree if you accept the terms then select Next> to continue.
    envisioncad training files eula
  6. Change the installation folder if necessary and click Next>
    envisioncad training files install folder
  7. Select Next> to start the installation.
    envisioncad training files confirm
  8. After the EnvisionCAD Training Installer application has been setup the application will launch. The class files downloaded will be selected automatically for installation. The installer will configure the lab workspace(s) for the most recent version of MicroStation installed on your workstation.  Click Installif this is correct.Optional: To configure the workspace for an earlier release select View Installed Versions.
    envisioncad training files installer
  9. To configure the workspace for an earlier release select the appropriate version from the list and click Update. This will return you to the main dialog where you then click Install to complete the installation.Note: Training files are applicable for MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries) releases only.
    envisioncad training files versions
  10. After the installation is completed there will be an EnvisionCAD icon created on your desktop that will be used to launch MicroStation with the correct workspace settings to complete the lab exercises.
    envisioncad training files icon
  11. To install and configure lab files for additional purchased EnvisionCAD courses go to the Windows Start menu and select All Programs > EnvisionCAD > EnvisionCAD Training Installer to launch the installer application.
  12. In the main installer dialog toggle on the checkbox to download the training files from the EnvisionCAD website. This will enable all of the training class checkboxes. Toggle on the checkboxes for the class files to install.
    envisioncad training files installer download
  13. Click Install to start the download. This may take several minutes to complete as some of the training data sets are in excess of 100MB.
  14. After the data sets are downloaded they will be automatically unzipped and installed to the correct locations.