Create New Feature Styles and Named Symbologies

The Envision CAD Manager was built as an application to verify existing components in an XIN. However more comes into play when using the application. Seldom is an XIN static, you are always making modifications or adding to them. To make adding Feature Styles and Named Symbologies easier we have added a Copy button to both tabs in the spread sheet.

Copy a Feature Style

  1. From the Feature Style tab identify the Feature Style Name or a cell within the Feature Style.
  2. At the top of the spread sheet select the Copy Feature Style button.
    CAD manager, new feature styles
    Note: The selected Feature Style and all of the cell data will be copied and placed at the bottom of the spread sheet.
  3. Type the new Feature Style name and Description.
  4. Change the Named Symbology from the drop down list.

Video Demonstration

See all of our MicroStation tips on this YouTube playlist.


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