Customizing Values in AccuDraw Popup Calculator

Written by Bob Mecham.

To take the AccuDraw with Popup Calculator another step further than Complex Expressions.

Popup Calculator has an added feature allowing the user to create a shortcut of commonly used values to a list.  As a default “pi” (3.141592653590) has already been added to the list as a custom value.

Customizing Values in Popup Calculator using pi





Viewing Defined Variables

  • Using the key-in “popcalc variable show”.  The Message dialog will appear with pi defined.
Keyin Popup Calculator values




Popup Calculator value messages






Creating New Variables

  • Using the key-in “popcalc variable save <name> <value>”

For example conversions from feet to meters and back:

popcalc variable save m2f 3.2808

popcalc keyin meters to feetAccuDraw meters to feet Popup Calculator





popcalc variable save f2m 0.3048

popcalc keyin feet to meters AccuDraw feet to meters Popup Calculator



Messages for Popup Calculator







 Deleting Variables

  • Using the key-in “popcalc variable delete <name>”

Depending on what design work you are doing this added function in Popup Calculator can be useful.



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  1. George Martin Reply

    Where are the new PopCalc key-ins stored? They are disappearing when I exit Microstation.

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