Feature Name Override

Here is a method to ensure features created in a design surface are both uniformly named and continuous.

Template properties

  • Point names must be unique when developing templates.
  • In the below example, note the points that reflect the flow-line of the ditch are all uniquely named.

Modeling with this template can create three separate features in the design DTM for each feature representing the flow-line of the Ditch, ‘Fill’, ‘Cut’ and other features.

This may cause problems with:

  • Targeting these features by other corridors.
  • Identification of feature if the template is mirrored (right vs. left).
  • Connectivity between point name changes. When one solution fails and another solution solves you will have ‘gaps’ between the point name changes resulting in a discontinuity of the feature.

These issues can be solved through the use of Feature Name Overrides. Select the appropriate points for editing. In the Point Properties dialog assign a consistent Feature Name Override to related template vertices.

This eliminates the break that incurs when template solutions change.


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