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Rotate View Without UCS Rotation

Written by Eric Gates


Do you need to rotate the current model space view, while staying in the same view location and not rotating the current UCS?

This VisualLisp routine consists of two hot-key commands; CR and CX.

After loading this lisp file, use the CR command to rotate the current view.  The user is prompted to pick two locations on the screen to define the rotation.  After the two points are picked the view is rotated while staying in the same area of the drawing and not changing the UCS.

Simply type CX at the command line to rotate the view back to a zero rotation defined by the current UCS.  This is also done without zooming away from the area of the drawing you are working on.

Download the file

A simple way to have these hot-key tools at your fingertips each time you are in any AutoCAD drawing or Vertical platform is to add this line (autoload “EGVIEW.FAS” ‘(“CR” “CX”)) to the acaddoc.lsp file that you have in your support path folder.   Place the EGVIEW.fas into your support path folder too and then the  CR and CX commands will be there when you need them.

Download this application today while it is still free. Check back next month for another free macro.

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