Free MicroStation App for Multi-lines, $25 Value

We would like to thank the 120+ users that downloaded March’s free MicroStation app.

We have removed the Multi-lines macro download from our site. If you absolutely feel like you need this app you will need to contact us directly and plead your case ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ever wish MicroStation Multi-lines could be used with curved elements? Well so did we, that is until now. We wrote an application to do just this. Simply create your linework with standard drawing commands, initialize our application and convert the linework to multi-lines. Once converted you can use standard Multi-line tools.

MicroStation Multi-line

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One comment on “Free MicroStation App for Multi-lines, $25 Value

  1. Jon Collado Reply

    I am interested in the multiline macro. It sounds like a great tool. Why was it un-posted and what are the macro’s limitations. Are curves dropped lines or can you really have a multiline arc?

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