How NOT to implement OpenRoads

Written by Ron Brys

Photo by Mikie T.

Photo by Mikie T.


At EnvisionCAD we have been working with OpenRoads Technology for a while now.  We are updating and writing new training material for OpenRoads.  If you are responsible for the administration of InRoads or GEOPAK for an office of 2 users or 200 users, here are just a few things NOT to do when you implement OpenRoads at your office.

1) Simply download the update and throw it on user’s machines.

Open Roads is a new technology which means new workflows, tools and resources.  Users will immediately lose time in production trying to setup and locate tools that were once there.


2) Tell users to just start using it.

Surface, Cross Sections, Geometry and Site Design all have new tools and workflows.  Creating design will necessitate a workflow review and a plan to teach the users the new workflows.

3) Wait until the phone rings to figure out where Templates, Roadway Designer, Cross Section and Site Modeler tools have gone.

That’s right, some of the tools that have been in InRoads since the beginning are no longer in the same spot.  For users this is comparable to a Zombie Apocalypse and you will be getting a lot of calls and emails about it.

4) IRD files. Do they import into SS3? SS4?

InRoads Roadway Design (IRD) files are the core of any roadway project.  Hours are spent defining, editing, and running the corridor.  The Project Managers will not be happy with you if the users have to recreate all the corridor definitions in SS3. However the good news is that individual corridors will import into SS4!

5) Resource development? We’ll do that later.

There is no later! Resources are the foundation of a project.  They also drive the standards that are mandatory by most agencies.  The XIN and DDB files that you are currently using can be implemented into OpenRoads technology but there are new resources that need to be defined.

The OpenRoads technology is powerful and the future of Bentley Civil software is bright.  Just keep in mind that workflows and standards need to be reevaluated prior to implementing the software otherwise there will be lost time in production for your departments.

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