Import Lidar Data

In the InRoads V8i (SELECTseries 1) release there is a new tool called Data Acquisition. This tool can be used for acquiring many different data files from raw survey data to LandXML files. In this tip we will show how to import Lidar Data into Data Acquisition and then export and display the data in InRoads.

  1. From the Task menu expand Data Acquisition and select the icon. The Data Acquisition dialog will appear.
  2. Right click on Surfaces branch from the fly out menu select 
Create Surfaces > Import External Surface > Import Lidar LAS. The Open dialog will appear.
  3. From the Open dialog select the LAS file to be imported and select the Open button. The Lidar LAS dialog will appear.
  4. From the Lidar LAS dialog select the features and appropriate filter then select Accept.
  5. Right click on the new Lidar surface in the data tree from the fly out menu select 
Export to > InRoads DTM. The Save As dialog will appear.
  6. Save the DTM to the project folder and select the Save button.
  7. Launch InRoads and Open the Surface DTM file. View the surface Perimeter and Gridded Model.

Video Demo

See all of our MicroStation tips on this YouTube playlist.



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