IMPORTANT – Download Your Bentley LEARNserver Transcript and Certificates by July 5th

Bentley announced on May 28th that the LEARNserver platform will be replaced by a new learning platform on July 5th, 2024.

What does this mean for you?

If you don’t download your transcript and certificates by July 5th, you will lose them permanently. In Bentley’s words: “Please be aware that as part of this upgrade, all user transcripts and certifications will be permanently archived on this date. You will not be able to access them after July 5.”

Please download your transcript by July 5th so you do not lose the credit you earned by taking any of Bentley’s classes, courses, webinars, Coffee Corners, or utilizing other educational products. Go to their site for information and instructions, including a video guide.

Four things we’ve noticed (so far) while saving our transcripts and certificates:
1. The downloaded PDF does not list the Learning Units (LU). We have opened a case with Bentley on this. (EDIT: The LU issue is a known bug that Bentley is working on.)
2. If you want your certificates, you will have to download them individually. This may take some considerable time. Accomplishing this by downloading a few each day may be the best option.
3. The emailing option does not seem to work at the time of this writing.
4. The certificates download with the generic name of ‘Certificate.pdf’ so you will need to keep track of them and rename them individually if you choose.
We have submitted two cases to Bentley for the LU and email issues. We will send out updates as we receive more information.

In the meantime, to download all of your information, including the LUs, you can follow the steps in this workaround:

– Open your transcript page.
– At the bottom of the page, change the ‘items per page’ dropdown to 20.
– Select all the content (including the headers for the first copy) from the top left checkmark to the bottom right certificate icon. All items must be highlighted.
– Copy (CTRL + C).
– Open an Excel spreadsheet.
– Select a cell.
– Paste, matching the destination formatting by right-clicking and picking the Match Destination Formatting (M) option.
– Return to the transcript page, select the next page, and repeat the process for all the pages.
– Format the spreadsheet as desired.


As of 6/11/24, Bentley has fixed the Learning Units (LU) download issue and is working on the email option. Other issues remain at this time.
As of 6/20/24, Bentley has fixed the PDF Learning Units (LU) issue and the emailing option. Other issues remain at this time.

David Sullivan

David joined the EnvisionCAD team in June of 2021 and specializes in MicroStation and OpenRoads Designer support and training. Among his 25+ years of experience working with Bentley products he has experience in the areas of architectural, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering drafting and design.

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