Top Ten things worth mentioning about InRoads Suite V8i SS1

InRoads SELECTSeries 1 was released about a week ago and there are a few tools worth mentioning right away to get you excited about this release. The following month’s tips will look at these enhancements in more detail.

  1. Bentley Map was added for FREE to the Bentley InRoads Suite and Bentley Rail Track Suite products.
  2. InRoads tools and workflow are integrated into the MicroStation interface tasks, tools, and pull down menus.
  3. Open a native GEOPAK Surface TIN file. No need to translate or use LandXML.
  4. LandXML files are now Schema 1.2 compliant.
  5. New tool in the Surface command called Change Triangle Edge. a.k.a. Flip Face or Swap Edge in other software packages.
  6. Overlay tools were added to Roadway Designer.
  7. A new tool set called Site Modeler will allow for fast dynamic design of site models.
  8. Civil Geometry is a new toolset that stores the geometry data right in the DGN file.
  9. Data Acquisition tools were added to help assemble various data sources and store them in the DGN file.
  10. InRoads commands can be accessed from right clicking in MicroStation and selecting from the context menu.


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