iTwin Capture Modeler Tip: Photo Capture Techniques

When taking images for a project, there are a few specific principles to help you capture the best photos. Photos meeting your specific criteria will assist in the creation of a better Model within iTwin Capture Modeler.

  • Stay away from shiny, moving, transparent, and reflective surfaces.
  • 80% photo overlap is best, especially with complex structures like bridges and towers. 70% overlap would be considered the minimum.
  • Use a 15 degree maximum angle between photos.
Images of a house taken with 15 degree angles between photos for iTwin Capture Modeler
  • It’s always best to capture too many photos than too few.
  • Maintain the same distance from the object(s) for all photos.
  • A high quality camera or drone device will increase the accuracy.
  • It’s best to use overlapping circles when capturing building images with a drone.
An aerial image of a building with overlapping circles to show the best photo map for model creation in iTwin Capture Modeler
  • Choose a camera with a large sensor to capture higher quality photos.
  • Always remember to have a good flight plan in place.

Chris McNulty

Chris is a Senior Consultant at EnvisionCAD and provides expertise and training in MicroStation.

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