Meet Eric Gates – Senior CAD Specialist

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Meet Eric Gates – Senior CAD Specialist

BIO:Eric Gates

DOB – September 10, 1965

Hometown – Torrence, CA

Current Residency – Mount Horeb, WI

Family Life – Married, with two girl (dogs) and two boy (cats). Two sisters and a brother, whom all live in different states

Hobbies – Traveling (sightseeing), Being outdoors, ATV riding, writing poems and lyric, discussing government

Interesting Fact – I like long distance driving.



What is your educational background?

Professional courses in: Computer Design and Illustration, Architectural Drafting Technology. 2 years College – Liberal Arts. 25 years of on the job learning and midnight self-training. US Marine Corp.

What made you get involved in the CAD industry? 

The CAD industry is a byproduct of the engineering, Surveying, Architectural, Structural and Construction industries, all of which I have had an interest in. So the desire to be involved with these and a cultivated talent in designing and born ability for 3D visualization led me to use, abuse and master the tools of the trades, CAD.

What 3D CAD software version are you currently using and what additional software tools do you use by the same vendor?

I am not currently really “using” any software. The software I am working with, consulting and instructing in is Civil 3D 2012 and 2014, along with development tools like Subassembly Composer, and Autodesk Infrastructure Suite product Infraworks.

What tool couldn’t you live without?

VisualLisp (Autolisp), VBA, Scripts. With these almost any tool becomes makeable.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently involved in developing and customizing the installation process of Civil 3D 2014 for Wisconsin DOT through a beta program, along with general consulting and support for Wisconsin DOT Methods development Unit.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job is problem solving.  I work with clients to develop the best workflow to complete their designs as on time and under budget.

What’s the worst part about your job?

I like being able to interact with so many people about the things that we share an interest in. That may also at sometimes be the worst part too.

What is the coolest CAD technology you’ve seen in the last decade?

The moment when a CAD technician, Design Engineer, Project Engineer and firm principles work in perfect harmony with the CAD and IT technology to produce design deliverables efficiently, within budget, and are able to grow from their joint experiences.

What trends, predictions,etc. do you see in the CAD industry?

I predict Government agencies, and the construction industry, along with diligent private engineering and consulting firms will finally force those developing the CAD software to become joining participants in adapting review techniques and specifications that will transform the 2D project design review process into a 3D process, thus finally making any design modeling effort practical and cost effective, before and then during construction.

What are your future professional and/or personal goals?

To make my vocation my hobby and have dominion over my subjects, or at least continue to share and grow my expertise with in the industry.


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