Meet Lisa Polonski – Editor/Administrative Assistant

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Meet Lisa Polonski – Editor/Administrative Assistant


DOB – August 30, 1982

Hometown – Middle Island, NY

Current Residency – Madison, WI

Family Life – Mother, father, younger brother and sister-in-law, younger sister, and a dog that all live in New York. Great friends are my family here in Wisconsin!

Hobbies – Running, hiking, dancing, reading, writing, learning, teaching, music, travel

Interesting Fact – I lived in Hawai’i (the Big Island) for 3 years! It was a wonderful experience! Aloha!



What is your educational background?

B.A. Psychology/Special Education and Minor in Spanish from Marist College – Poughkeepsie, NY

M.S. Literacy Education from Southampton College (LIU) – Southampton, NY

What is your professional background?

Cutchogue East Elementary (Cutchogue, NY) – 4th grade special education teacher (1 year)

Miller Avenue Elementary (Shoreham, NY) – 4th/5th grade special education teacher and 3rd grade teacher (4 years)

Kohala High School (Hawi, HI) – High School special education teacher (3 years)

Kennedy Elementary (Madison, WI) – 2/3 special education teacher and 3rd grade teacher (1 year – present)

EnvisionCAD (Madison, WI) – Editor/Administrative Assistant (1 year – present)

What made you get involved in the CAD industry? 

I am a lifelong learner and always looking to explore my strengths in a variety of career fields.

What tool couldn’t you live without?

Google. It has become an essential tool for decoding CAD jargon to better understand the industry and for research related to the articles and blogs I’ve authored.

What projects are you currently working on?

Authoring blogs, articles, and whitepapers; editing training books, proposals, and other documents; organizing daily office administrative tasks; exploring additional marketing opportunities; in addition, setting up my classroom for the coming school year.

What do you like most about your job?

The talented staff I get to work with.

What’s the worst part about your job?

When teaching during the school year, I have much less face-to-face contact time with them

What are your future professional and/or personal goals?

Professionally, I am seeking to eventually pursue a doctoral degree. I’d also like to explore career opportunities that exercise my strengths, via teacher professional development or leadership, curriculum design, or other career pathways that may play upon my strengths. Personally I’d like to continue exploring where I best thrive and root myself in a place where I can continue to develop my professional aspirations and personal relationships with great people! I’d also like to run a marathon and/or participate in a triathlon, enhance my cooking and baking skills, and travel more to explore culture!

What is the coolest project that you’ve ever worked on?

Any project that I begin and see to completion is “cool”!


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