MicroStation CONNECT Edition Tip: Workflow and Tab Switching

The ribbon interface introduced in Bentley’s CONNECT Edition MicroStation platform-based products is generally well crafted to facilitate common workflows and design processes in a fluid manner. Despite being workflow focused and having many manners in which the interface can be customized, there are still occasions, often after the initial design, that seems to require a fair amount of switching between various tabs and even Workflows, most notably for me in my work with OpenRoads Designer’s Drainage and Utility Tools. Two Key-in commands can be leveraged to facilitate quick switching between design Workflows as well as ribbon Tabs



When entered into the Key-in Browser these commands will bring up a simple “fly-out” at the cursor location that lists the respective options, available Workflows, or the Tabs in the current Workflow ribbon. (Note: The flyout will only show briefly if the Key-in is used in “pop-up” mode, i.e. hitting the ENTER key with Home focus.)









These commands can be used through Key-in or can be assigned to other portions of the interface, Keyboard Shortcuts or Function Keys for example. Once the pop-up appears, we can simply key-in the specific workflow or tab using the number of letters listed or can select with the cursor.







There is also an additional Key-in that will allow the setting of a specific workflow directly.


Similar to the previous Key-ins, this can be set in the interface to move to a specific workflow with a single action. I work primarily off of the OpenRoads Modeling and Drainage and Utilities Workflows, so can configure those to the F2 and F3 keys respectively.











Steve Litzau

Steve Litzau

Steve is a Senior Consultant at EnvisionCAD with over 15 years of experience in linear and site design, and design technology support. He serves as a subject matter expert for civil design software on both the Bentley and Autodesk platforms.

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