MicroStation Debug

Sometimes you need to know what configuration variables are being set, and when they are being set. It could be that you are creating a new workspace, editing a workspace, or maybe something doesn’t seem quite right in your current MicroStation setup. The easiest way to get this information is by adding the –debug switch to the MicroStation startup command line. The –debug switch will create a text file with all of the configuration variables as they are set. Starting MicroStation in this mode will not open the Menu Manager nor will it open a design file.

To use MicroStation debug follow these steps:

  1. Right click on your MicroStation shortcut (startup icon).
    MicroStation training
  2. Edit the Target field by entering the string –debug at the end.
  3. Select OK to save and close the dialog.
  4. Start MicroStation by selecting the shortcut you just edited.
  5. A MicroStation Text Window will open. As a configuration variable is set by MicroStation it is displayed in the text window and written to the debug text file.
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  6. When the debug is complete the location of the text file is displayed at the bottom of the text window.
  7. Open the text file in Notepad (or other text editor) to review the settings.
  8. Press the Escape key on your keyboard to close the text window and exit MicroStation.
  9. Remove the –debug entry from the shortcut target to open MicroStation normally.


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