MicroStation Pranks

In the spirit of April Fools Day we have compiled a few MicroStation pranks you can play on our coworkers.

When your victim leaves their desk for a few minutes try one, or more of the following “tips” on their computer:

1. Turn on Level Symbology Overrides
In their View Attributes click on Level Overrrides. Depending on their configuration this may dramatically change the display of their drawing.

2. Change their Input Preferences
Select Workspace > Preferences from the top MicroStation menu bar.  Choose the Input category. Modify the settings highlighted in the image.

April Fool Input

3. Change their Line Weight Display Preferences
Select Workspace > Preferences from the top MicroStation menu bar.  Choose the View Options category, then click the Line Weights button. Change all of the display values to 31.
April Fool LineWeights

4. Draw elements in the background color.
Select Settings>Color  Table. In the Color Table dialog select an unused color in the design file. Edit the color so that it matches the background color. Now draw something cheeky in the background color.
April Fool Background
When they print the drawing something unexpected will be revealed.

April Fool Background Print

5. Lock all of the elements in their file
Use the MicroStation Selection tool to select all of the elements in their design file.  Once selected click Edit > Lock from the MicroStation pull-down menu. Deslect all of the elements.

6. Set elements to Non-Snappable.
Use the MicroStation Selection tool to select all of the elements in their design file.  Once selected click the Element Information tool.  Choose the non-complex element types in the top of the dialog. In the Extended section change the Snappable setting to Not Snappable.

April Fool Non-Snappable

7. Put a message in a startup macro.
Follow our VBA tip to autorun a VBA macro found here https://envisioncad.com/tips/autorun-microstation-vba/

Change the initial message to something ominous.

April Fool Startup Macro Message

Share your MicroStation prank in the comments below.



Rod Wing

Rod is the Senior Systems Analyst at EnvisionCAD and has extensive experience in GIS, cartography, plotting, scanning, raster editing/manipulation, publishing, and file/data translations. He instructs MicroStation classes ranging from fundamentals to advanced.

4 comments on “MicroStation Pranks

  1. Lorys Reply

    Your just a little devil with the VBA !
    Here some others to publish,,,
    Set Hilite 255
    ( no more hilite! ahaaaa!)
    This one is my favorite as most young people could never find how to fix it..
    set range; update all
    this puts range boxes around all elements they are not real so cant be deleted or analysed so whats the fix apart from reload the file?
    simply rekeyin or uparrow to find the original keyin set range; update all
    This drove one of my mstn buddies almost to go use AutoCad.. God forbid!

  2. dan the man Reply

    Thanks for the laughs guys!

    Those were some awfully cruel pranks 🙂

    Dan @ DTM Solutions

  3. Scott Harmon Reply

    figure out what function keys someone is using frequently. Open their function key menu and add this after the 1st comma in that line:
    This will spin their view 360^ (around the x-axis in a 3D model)

    If you need help with which function key it is, in the menu file, here’s a little cheat:
    30 (+Index) = F-key alone
    130 (+Index) = F-key + Shift
    b0 (+Index) = F-key + Ctrl
    70 (+Index) = F-key + Alt
    f0 (+Index) = F-key + Ctrl+Alt
    1b0 (+Index) = F-key + Ctrl+Shift
    170 (+Index) = F-key + Alt+Shift
    1f0 (+Index) = F-key + Ctrl+Alt+Shift
    ((Index) = the Function key’s number except F10=a, F11=b & F12=c)









  4. Scott Harmon Reply

    I wanted to add to my previous post.

    If you just “add” it after the first comma, their function key will continue to work after the view is done spinning. I usually go for someone’s AA=0. So I find the line and it usually looks like this:


    Add the string to it:


    Their head spins a little, and then they get their angle set to 0^.

    Just a note, that’s a pipe key after the “DX=0”. Shift+backslash on most keyboards. It tells microstation how many times to do “dx=0” (data).

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