MicroStation Tip: Align Tool

Written by Bob Mecham.


From the Manipulate toolbox, the Align tool will help you align elements and text to an edge of an existing element.



1) Open the Manipulate toolbox from the Main tool frame.

Manipulate - Main Task



2) The second button from the end is the Align tool, select the button.

3) From the Tool Settings dialog, select the alignment option from the drop down list.For this example, the Left” option will be used.

Align Edges





4) Following the prompts in the lower left hand corner of MicroStation, select the base element for alignment.

Base Element Legend












5) Following the prompts in the lower left hand corner of MicroStation, select the elements to align.

Align Elements Legend












6) After selecting the elements to align, reset (right click) out of the command.


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One comment on “MicroStation Tip: Align Tool

  1. Ron mith Reply

    Bottom line, How do you do an algin in detail in a screen. How do you select the elements, not just talk about it, just do it.

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