MicroStation Tip: Backup and Undo

Written by Bob Mecham

Ever make a mistake? Who hasn’t, save yourself some grief.


Keyin: backup

  • By keying in the word ‘backup’ MicroStation creates a duplicate copy of you file. To control where the file is saved, use the configuration variable MS_BACKUP. If MS_BACKUP is not defined the file is saved in the current directory with a “.bak” extension. Try it out. Better yet, set a function key to do it for you.
  • The variable may look something like: MS_BACKUP=C:/TEMP/DGN


  • Did you know you can set ‘marks’ in MicroStation? Try Edit>Set Mark. Do some work and set another mark. Now you can Edit>Undo Other>To Mark to step back through your design file. Think of them as ‘groups of undos’.
  • Need to get your MicroStation file back to how it was when you first logged in? Edit>Undo Other>All.
  • When placing a linestring and you place a vertex in a wrong location. Don’t reset out of the place smartline command, just hit the Undo icon and watch the individual vertex locations get undone.


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One comment on “MicroStation Tip: Backup and Undo

  1. Corné van Zunderd Reply

    Backup is a musthave, a few years back I found an macro, that still works fine. Maybe it’s something te share.
    ‘ MS_BACKUP must be defined
    ‘ BACKUP_TIME must be defined in minutes

    ‘ Use the backup key-in with the Runmacro MDL application.
    ‘ Steps:
    ‘ 1. Create or record a macro that creates a backup by key-in
    ‘ 2. Make sure macro is placed in MS_MACRO folder (default = …BentleyWorkspaceStandardsmacros)
    ‘ Here the example syntax for a macro that will create a backup:

    Sub main

    MbeSendKeyin “backup”
    End Sub

    ‘ 3. Set configuration variable MS_DGNAPPS to value: …Bentleyprogrammicrostationmdlappsrunmacro.ma
    ‘ 4. Set the configuration variable MS_DGNMACROS to value:

    ‘ This will create a backup of each file when it is opened. I’m not sure how to do this when the file is closed.

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