MicroStation Tip: Import Linestyles into a DGN Library

Written by: Bob Mecham

Linestyles can be delivered in the workspace two ways.  One option is to point to the Linestyle resource file (RSC) using the variable MS_SYMBRSRC.   The second options is to import a MicroStation linestyle resource file (RSC) into the DGN Library file and then use the MS_DGNLIBLIST variable.

To import a linestyle into a DGN file use the Linestyle Editor dialog box.

1. From the MicroStation pull down menu Element > Line Styles > Edit. The Line Style Editor dialog will appear.

2. From the Line Style Editor dialog pull down menu File > Import > MicroStation Resource File (RSC).

3. Path to the file and click the Open button. The Select Linestyles to Import dialog will appear.

dialog to import linestyle library

4. Select the linestyles in the list and click the Import button.  The linestyles will be imported into the file.

Note: if you want to delete a linestyle name use the keyin “delete unused linestyles [name]”

Bob Mecham

Bob Mecham

Bob is a partner at EnvisionCAD and is an industry expert in the implementation, configuration, instruction, development, and customization of both MicroStation and InRoads.

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5 comments on “MicroStation Tip: Import Linestyles into a DGN Library

  1. David Renaud - MWU Reply

    Is there a way to print a list of the line styles? Ideally, it would be with the graphical representation of each line style, but a list of just names would be useful.

    • David Sullivan Reply

      Good Morning Bob,
      I just looked for the Line Style macro that you talk about in your post for “MicroStation Tip: Importing LineStyles into a DGN library” but I could not find it. It sounds like exactly what I would like to do so we can clean up the Line Styles at GDOT. Would you please show me where I can find that macro? Thanks.
      God bless,

  2. robert hart Reply

    what is the name of that macro (to draw a line for each linestyle)? is that a free macro?

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