MicroStation Tip: Save Settings on Exit

I see a lot of users who have the Save Settings on Exit option toggled on in their User Preference settings. While this can be a great benefit to have the active graphical settings saved in your design file when you close it, the setting does carry some risk.

In my user preference settings, I keep this setting turned off, preferring them to do a manual Save Settings when necessary.

We all have those moments where we inadvertently click something and strange things start to happen. We have no idea what we may have clicked, much less how to undo what we just did.  This happens quite a bit with new users during training. When this happens in MicroStation I close the file, exit MicroStation, and start again. Since I have the Save Settings on Exit option off, any stray graphical setting that may have been changed causing the odd behavior does not get saved in the drawing.


Rod Wing

Rod is the Senior Systems Analyst at EnvisionCAD and has extensive experience in GIS, cartography, plotting, scanning, raster editing/manipulation, publishing, and file/data translations. He instructs MicroStation classes ranging from fundamentals to advanced.


2 comments on “MicroStation Tip: Save Settings on Exit

  1. Kathryn Reply

    I completely agree. I do a manual save settings always. I have it on a function key.

    • Kieran Reply

      Best tip would be guide as to where to set an exit macro that can be modified for company / client /project preference e.g.
      my exit file function key often includes

      AS=1:AA=0:CO=1;TX=5;KY=2 (see below)
      goto either model title or sheet 1
      close all views except view 1 set VI=TOP
      fit all references
      switch ON all levels (OFF= constructions … …)
      force units to meters ( feet or …)
      set default snap to keypoint (this frequently annoys me since reseting others multi-snaps to ky=2 is pita)
      optionally set project based compress options
      optionally start on predominant level (Text?)
      optionally force backup and then verifydgn repair

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