MicroStation Tip: Send to Back

Written by Bob Mecham.

When conducting MicroStation V8 user training we cover the Edit > Bring to Front command. During the course of the demonstration of lab the question invariably is asked: “What about send to back?” There is no send to back command in MicroStation, but you can use a combination of Power Selector and Bring to Front to overcome this.

The following simple example will be used to illustrate how to accomplish this. In the model image below we want the cyan block to display behind all of the other elements.

MicroStation bring to front send to back

1. Select the element(s) to be sent to back

MicroStation bring to front send to back 2

2. Open the Level Display dialog and turn on all of your levels.

MicroStation level display all on

3. Using Power Selector invert mode select every element in your model.

MicroStation bring to front send to back invert selection

5. Now use the Bring to Front command to reorder the display.

MicroStation bring to front send to back 4

6. Use the View Previous command from the View Control menu to restore the original level display.



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