Multiple CAD Heads Are Better Than One

Written by Lisa Polonski
Edited by EnvisionCAD

The old adage, “Two heads are better than one.” has stood the test of time. From, the Doublemint® gum slogan we’re told it’s “Double your pleasure®, Double Your Fun™”, while the 90’s hit song by the Nelson brothers, took it a step further to tell us it’s “double the pleasuretriple the fun”. To the layman, the meaning is taken simply to be a testament to collaboration.  Some tasks are accomplished more easily by two (or more) people working together than by just one individual left to his own devices.


Well, the same goes for CAD Management.  Clearly, if you multiply your CAD experts it’s going to result in infinite fun (insert slightly sarcastic tone here, unless of course you find CAD as fun as we do)!  I guess the real fun comes in when you take the proverb in its most literal form and actually multiply the heads of a CAD expert for sheer improvement! That’s an image tough to shake!



Multiple experienced CAD Managers = ↑ ease and speed of task completion


Multiple CAD Heads are better than one

All nerdy fun aside, you could easily agree that the collaboration of multiple experienced CAD managers must result in increased ease and speed of task completion along with the well-executed solving of problems.  A team of individuals with varied CAD backgrounds working together brings more expertise than any one individual standing alone.  AutoCAD, Civil3D, Map 3D, 3DS Max Design, MicroStation, InRoads, GEOPAK, Bentley Map, ERSI, GIS, and Survey are just some of the technologies that a strong CAD manager candidate must know how to navigate to be successful. This is where a partnership with a team of multiple individuals clearly comes in ahead.


CAD Managed Services offers the benefit of “multiple CAD heads”, without the human engineering required to create a monster! It’s also devoid of the overhead related to hiring several CAD managers internally.  It offers the expertise of many at minimal cost related to the realized ROI.  Now that’s proof that “multiple CAD heads are better than one”!

For more insight on just what the multi-headed solution can offer check out this combined resume.  For further information about CAD Managed Services fill out a contact form or give us a call at 608.836.3903.



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