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CAD Training
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 Roadway Design

Envision is pleased to announce the recently released AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 Roadway Design course manual. This Autodesk Official Training Guide (AOTG) course manual was authored by Envision, and will examine a realistic roadway design workflow and the completed drawing files and review project scope, design parameters, and criteria for the roads being designed. The Student will create, evaluate, and edit horizontal alignments and apply superelevation for a highway project. Additionally you will create, evaluate, and edit Profiles, Corridors and Intersections as part of the course. Area volumes and quality takeoffs will be explored.Sign-up for classes offered by Envision to be trained by the people who wrote the book on Civil 3D Roadway Design.Tips & Tricks

MicroStation: Open, Import, or Attach Shapefiles without Bentley Map

InRoads: Active Template Tab

VBA: For-Next Loop Optimization

Civil 3D: Using the Quick Properties Palette

VIDEO TIP: MicroStation V8i Open a DWG File

Upcoming Events
Be Together: The Be Communities ‘Live’ Conference  5/17/10 – 5/20/10 Online Classes
MicroStation V8i Edition User Upgrade – 12/10/09 & 1/13/10
InRoads Survey – 1/18/10Open Enrollment Classes
MicroStation V8i Fundamentals – 12/14/10
MicroStation V8i Edition User Upgrade – 1/14/10
InRoads Survey – 1/20/10

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