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New release of Bentley InRoads and GEOPAK Suite V8i ( 

Bentley has released new versions of their civil design packages. The new version includes Bentley Map (SELECTseries 2) with CADscript, along with a couple new features and fixes:NEW FEATURES

  • View Stationing > Annotate POB/POE [Radius + A] will annotate as Radius = infinite if it is a tangent


  • Roadway Designer > Create Template > Multiple merge points are selectable when placing a component
  • Improved *.IRD load times


  • View XML Reports > Evaluation > Roadway Designer Component Quantities Summary report added


  • Import > Survey Data > Trimble DC recognizes ENZ formatted files
  • Import > Survey Data > Trimble DC recognizes angle formats other than degrees * Enabled the user to change a checked out
  • .XIN from Read-Write to Read-Only
  • Several ProjectWise and InRoads issues were resolved related to Managed Workspaces and Dynamic Project variables


  • Design Surface > Generate Slope Surface modified command to take into account Triangulate Surface settings
  • Edit Feature, Delete Feature and Delete Feature Points no longer redraw all the random points automatically when a subset of the points is deleted from the feature


  • Adding horizontal regression point now retains descriptions on transfer
  • View Geometry > View Stationing corrected an issue with text overlap in radii
  • Vertical Curve Set > Define Curve > Design Calc Eye height and Object height are now stored as part of the preferences
  • View Horizontal Alignments > Display Alignment Points Similar to Cogo Points corrected display of alignment points


  • Survey Data to Surface Dual coded points (PC/PT) on curves are no longer being omitted
  • Survey Text Scale no longer applies to survey temporary graphics
  • A check has been added to remove temporary survey graphics in the design file on exit. The previous graphics could not be deleted and caused confusion

The software can be downloaded from the SELECTservices website http://selectservices.bentley.com

Tips & Tricks

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VBA: Tip #36 “Three Years of VBA tips!” – MicroStation Sub Unit Conversion


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