Envision Newsletter May 2013

How NOT to implement OpenRoads
At EnvisionCAD we have been working with OpenRoads Technology for a while now.  We are updating and writing new training material for OpenRoads. [Continue Reading]

CAD Manager? What do they do anyway?
The CAD Manager can often seem to be invisible. After all, if the job is done well, you never really think about CAD Manager… [Continue Reading]

Free VBA Macro: Where Did I Come From? 
This tool allows the user to select a cell in a design file and then search multiple cell libraries for a matching cell name.  Cell libraries containing a matching cell name are listed in the dialog. [Get it while it's free]

Multiple CAD Heads Are Better Than One
If you multiply your CAD experts it’s going to result in infinite fun (insert slightly sarcastic tone here, unless of course you find CAD as fun as we do)!  [Continue Reading]

The EnvisionCAD Theory
Behind the Scenes: Harlem Shake. [Continue Reading]

InRoads Site Training
A 3-day class using InRoads software for site design using the Site Modeler commands new in the SELECTseries releases of InRoads. This course highlights surface modeling, earthwork computations and other site design commands. Seats are still available! [Register Today!]

Corridor Modeling for GEOPAK and InRoads – 5/28/13
A 2-day class covering components, templates, and roadway designer. This course includes the workflow necessary for the migration of GEOPAK data for use with Bentley’s roadway designer technology. [Register Today!]

Mobile Apps for Video Training
We would like to announce the release of the Digital Library Video Training App for both Android and Apple mobile devices. [Continue Reading]

Tips & Tricks

InRoads: InRoads Tracking Command

VBA: ByRef and ByVal 

MicroStation: Move Part of a Cell


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The Bentley LEARNing Conference – 05/13-05/16/2013 (Meet us there!)

FLUG Spring Conference – 06/26-06/28/2013

• MACC Annual Conference – 08/13-08/14/2013

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InRoads Site – 05/21/2013

Intermediate – MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries) – 05/28/2013

MicroStation Everything 3D – 06/03/2013

Bentley Map V8i (SELECTseries) Fundamentals – 06/10/2013

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InRoads Site – 05/21/2013

• Corridor Modeling for GEOPAK and InRoads – 05/28/2013

• Intermediate – MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries) – 05/30/2013

• Bentley Map V8i (SELECTseries) Fundamentals – 06/11/2013

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