Open, Import, or Attach Shapefiles without Bentley Map

In MicroStation V8i Select Series 1 the ability open ArcView Shapefiles (.shp) and MapInfo files (.mif, .tab) has been included without the need for Bentley Map. In addition to the graphic elements the database attributes are also visible.

Open a Shape File

You can open a shape file just as you would a regular CAD file. Shapefiles using this method are opened as Read-Only.

  1. Select File > Open from the MicroStation pulldown menu
  2. From the Files of type listing select Shapefiles (*.shp)MicroStation Training
  3. Select the Shapefile to open and click the Open button.MicroStation Training
  4. Use the Fit command (if necessary) to display the shapefile graphics.
  5. To view the database attributes of a feature select an element and use the
  6. Element Information tool.MicroStation Training

Import a Shape File

To edit the shapefile graphics and database attributes you will need to import the shapefile and corresponding database file into your design file.

  1. Select the File > Import > CAD Files command from the MicroStation pulldown.
  2. From the Files of type listing select Shapefiles (*.shp)
  3. Select the Shapefile to open and click the Open button.

Note: to export the updated shapefile graphics and database attributes to a shapefile you will need Bentley Map.

Attach a Shape File

Shapefiles can now also be attached as references using the standard Referencing tools.


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4 comments on “Open, Import, or Attach Shapefiles without Bentley Map

  1. Stacy Reply

    I do have V8i Select Series 1, and i do NOT have any option to load shapefiles. What gives???

  2. Bob Mecham Reply

    Stacy, are you using MicroStation in a custom workspace. The drop down list for opening files can be edited. If the drop down list has been edited or from a previous version then the Shape File option may not appear.

    Bob Mecham

  3. Steve Florian Reply

    I’ve been quickly re-looking into this recently myself, and it seems the only way to do so is through a 3rd party program. I’m unfamiliar with Bentley Map, but I’ve used the Arcv2CAD program for over 10 years and that does the job, and since it’s in a .DWG/.DXF format, all users with Microstation can view or reference them and see the data without having Bentley Map. The data we pull doesn’t change very frequently, so I process the files every couple years. I either open the .DBF file using Excel, or reference in the .SHP file and use the Element Info tool to figure out which data I want to bring in. Contours can also be pulled in and placed at the correct elevations they are assigned in the .DBF. In all, I’m pleased with what I can do with that program. Cheers

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