OpenBridge Modeler Tip: How to Have the Corbel Follow the Approach Slab Slope

When you create a corbel for the approach slab, OpenBridge Modeler will automatically assign the slope of the deck to the corbel. It is possible to make the corbel follow the bottom slope of the approach slab instead. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  • Create the approach slab.
  • Select the abutment and bring up the Properties dialog.
  • In the Properties dialog and within the Substructure Placement Rule panel, select Conform Corbel With Approach Slab Bottom and change the rule to True.
Substructure Placement Rule panel within the Properties dialog of OpenBridge Modeler
  • New categories will appear:
    • Conform Corbel Bottom With Approach Slab – this will make the bottom of the corbel follow the approach slab slope
    • Corbel Vertical Offset from Approach Slab – this offset is from the bottom of the approach slab, measured in feet
  • Set the Properties within the dialog as desired.
Substructure Placement Rule properties and selected rules

David Sullivan

David joined the EnvisionCAD team in June of 2021 and specializes in MicroStation and OpenRoads Designer support and training. Among his 25+ years of experience working with Bentley products he has experience in the areas of architectural, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering drafting and design.

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